Top Thirteen Female Characters – Honourable Mentions

I’ve wanted to do a list honouring my favoutite lady characters for a while now, but always felt a bit like I was marginalizing them because I was designating them by gender or some other confusing crap. I consider myself a feminist because I think gender equality is one of the biggest and most important issues in the world right now. However, calling yourself a feminist is a lot like calling yourself a geek, there’s a lots of confusing grey areas, people will often get caught up in semantics and you’ll find yourself being told to prove yourself time and time again. So I like to think of myself as a feminist and a geek, but if I get into the meat of it I’m not really good at being either. I don’t really care though, if making a list about female characters I love and find inspiring makes me a bad feminist…well its my blog and I’m going to do it anyways. Plus it gives me the challenge of posting every day.

Much like my Top Ten Super Hero list, I’m going to attempt post something every day about a female character, whether that be in books, movies, video games, comics or whatever, who really inspires me and who I might aspire to be like…or might remind me of myself at some stage in my adolescence…only this time there are thirteen of them. As with my Super Hero list, here are some awesome ladies who didn’t quite make it, but are as pointed out, are still awesome.

Jessica Rabbit



I don’t think a lot of people understand Jessica Rabbit. She shows up on a lot of top ten hottest list and most people know her as the hot redhead with the big boobs from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but she’s so much more. At her most basic, she’s a clever parody of the Tex Avery cartoon Red Hot Riding Hood.


Once again, she’s so much more. In fact I’d be willing to say that she’s the most interesting character in all of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Jessica Rabbit is parody at its best; she’s a smoking hot toon who wants nothing to do with how she’s drawn. Yes her design is ridiculous in proportions, but she’s portrayed as a strong woman who’s willing to sacrifice everything for the man she loves. The only man who treats her like an actual person. She’s not often respected as a character, which is really unfortunate and ironic, since she has a kick ass personality and turns the sexy dame trope upside down.

Marge Simpson


How can you not love Marge Simpson? She’s the epitome of the modern housewife and mother, which when you think about it is a really trashed upon career. Now I don’t have kids yet, but know people who do and the amount of work they put into making their families safe and happy is nothing short of noble.

In the twenty-five years that the Simpsons has been on, Marge has grown into quite the character. On top of wrangling one of the most unstable families on television, Marge has had several other careers and adventures. She’s owned her own business, dabbled in real estate, protected Springfield as an officer of the law and been a key player at the nuclear plant, to name a few. What I like best about Marge, is her love and devotion to her family, the pride she takes in her household. Anyone who can wedge a quarter into the ceiling by bouncing it off the bed they just made is nothing short of amazing.



Belle was one of the first characters I ever came across as a child who encouraged me to speak my mind and be independent. She was book smart, stubborn and didn’t care for a second what anyone thought of her. Belle is the type of character that little girls need to be exposed to, because she shows them that it’s okay to be yourself. When I was little there were times when I was teased for being a bookworm or reading comics and even if some of the things those kids said to me hurt, I got past it, in part because I had a really cool female character that I could look up to and not be so afraid to hold my ground.

And yes that is the type of thing a parent should talk to you about and mind did, but sometimes hearing a musical number about how weird a girl is and how she’s cool with it reinforces that message and makes those childhood troubles not seem so troublesome.

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