Sketchbook #1

In keeping with my resolutions, here is the first finished sketch book of my big pile of half filled drawing tomes.  

It’s a little Moleskine that I picked up shortly after a bad break up and a bag containing most of my life had been stolen…three years ago. It’s filled with a lot of lists of things I needed at the time, mainly concerning finding an appartment. There’s also a lot of pages commited to my last print job AKA the worst job I ever had. 

While a lot of the book is lists, most of it is tiny sketches and doodles. 

First Drawing

A giant and a lady in a wasteland of sorts. 

Last Drawing

My Star Wars tabletop character Vintage. 

Favourite Drawings




BB8 AKA me as a droid!

And Finally What Was Hiding in the Back Pocket

My fortune from Vegas and a picture of me, my dad and grandpa.