Thoughts on Fuller House

I’ve been getting over a horrible plague that makes my lungs feel like they’re full of slime and I want nothing more than to pull them out and itch them. It’s been a slow go getting better, much slower than when I casually get a cold, but for the first time in about two weeks I can look at the computer without getting a headache.

It was during my down time that I ended up marathoning Fuller House, the sequel/follow up/ continuation of 80’s/90’s hit Full House. Now, I didn’t watch much Full House when it first aired, I was more a fan of Family Matters and Boy Meets World in the big TGIF lineup. I remember it being way too smaultzy for my liking , but during a phase of unemployment in my late teens I watched most of the reruns on TBS, you know because I was going places. However, with hoe much this show was parodied, I could have never watched a single episode and I’d know that Full House that is the story of the recently widowed Danny Tanner, his two heterosexual life partners Jesse and Joey and his three unnaturally adorable daughters DJ, Stephanie and Michelle.


So remember how when Jurassic World came out and it was pretty much the same thing as Jurassic Park only with fake dinosaurs and less likable characters. Fuller House is kinda like that, only its not pretending to be something new. It picks up where the previous show left off…only twenty-nine years later, but that’s irrelevant, it might as well be the very next day. It’s the exact same thing, save for the Olsen Twins not being involved and after watching the whole thing, that might be one of the better things about it.


The first episode is horrible and outside of nostalgic purposes, should not be watched. I get it, I get nostalgic too, but after the fifth or sixth original cast member has shown up and the audience has screamed itself hoarse, it gets really irritating. And then the catch phrases start happening…oh the catch phrases…oh dear god the catch phrases. From what I remember Michelle, being the youngest and most marketable of the children, had a slew of fun things she would say that would get a laugh and cheer out of the studio audience. She had so many insufferably cute things to say that I’d forgotten the rest of the cast was just as annoying, just in smaller doses.


If you can get past the reunion special, which I think is what most people watched, you get a show that’s not great, but interesting. Interesting in a sense of current pop culture vs the late 80’s/ early 90’s pop culture. We were so over saturated by the TGIF shows and their ilk that for the past twenty years, sitcoms have been everything that Full House isn’t…or at least the ones that I’ve had the misfortune of tuning in to.


This show actually makes my soul hurt.

Fuller House is the story of DJ Tanner-Fuller, who has moved back into her childhood home after the untimely and gruesome death of her noble, self-sacrificing, firefighter of a husband Tommy (other than a plot point he’s not all that important. The series takes place a year after his death and everyone’s moved on. He’s only mentioned to remind us that DJ can be sad or stressed out. His death never brings a sense of tension or sadness. DJ says that she misses him, but the kids don’t really seem to care and for the most part DJ doesn’t either. Other than a firefighter friend, I’m not sure that he’s mentioned by name.), with her three sons, whom just happen to fall into the same age brackets as DJ, Stephanie and Michelle. Because being a single parent doesn’t lead to a lot of humorous situations, DJ is aided by her sister Stephanie and wacky friend Kimmy. If that sounds familiar it’s because it’s the same plot as Full House, only genderbent.


From what I’ve read Kimmy’s role in the show was originally meant for one or both of the Olsen twins, which would have given us show that wasn’t a carbon copy of the original, but probably not nearly as satisfying. One of the biggest problems with Full House was that once Michelle started talking and had the five or six things she said each episode, she quickly became over saturated and the show became all about her. I don’t think Fuller House would have worked as well as it did with Michelle being there, not only would it have lost its best character (which is surprisingly Kimmy) but it would have lost it’s two best jokes, which poke fun at the Olsens and their success. (Plus, why would the Olsens come back? They’re beyond successful and haven’t shown an interest in acting in years.) I really like the idea of the show’s most over saturated character becoming an unseen character, like Maris Crane on Fraser or Ugly Naked Guy on Friends or even Gwen on American Dad (before they wrecked that joke…and the whole show.).


Outside of the premise the show follows DJ, Stephanie, Kimmy and their kids as they adjust to their new life, which seems to be the best thing that could have happened to any of them. They live in this strange benign world where there are no emotional consequences for any of their actions. This might be to avoid the old sitcom trope of the classic misunderstanding, lies that backfire or the heartfelt speeches of the original. At one point DJ’s kids find out that she’s started dating again, a big deal is made that she doesn’t want them to find out until the time is right, but when they catch her kissing love interest #1, they don’t care and wish her well. At one point Stephanie pretends the kids are hers to pick up a guy and nothing comes of it. It’s not even a lost plot thread either, she keeps on lying and the episode ends and in a later episode it’s revealed that they’re still seeing each other. I’m not sure if this is refreshing or not; it seems like people in the Fuller House Universe can do whatever they want without worry and become closer because of it.


No consequences for anything…Except for that one time Stephanie was unlucky for this baseball guy.

I mean the original Full House had more tension, there were arguments, misunderstandings, liars were punished. Fuller House is largely tension free. At one point DJ calls Kimmy out on some bad parenting choices (rewarding her daughter for skipping school and making friends) and instead of an argument Kimmy full on admits that she’s making poor choices and changes her ways. When Kimmy confronts her daughter about skipping school and punishes her, her daughter is pretty cool with it and everyone hugs. No tension whatsoever, but it works. The show does try to add some tension via a love triangle with DJ’s new business partner and her Full House love interest Steve, but everyone’s so likable that it just ends with the two guys admiring each other and going out for beer and pizza. I’d actually really like it if in a later season if those two hook up, because why not. It’d be a fairly tension free way to introduce new love interests for DJ. Hell, they already kissed.


The whole thing is a little surreal and it almost feels like a dream. It’s a world filled with people that we wished existed, everyone’s the nicest person you’ve ever met, kids are super sweet and never bad, but when they are no one gets hurt and everyone learns a lesson. There’s a part of me that thinks that DJ is actually in a facility somewhere, recovering from the shock and horror of her husband’s brutal death and all of Fuller House is in her head. Everyone from her past is there, she gets to reconnect with her best friend, first love and sister and everyone looks great and is super successful. Either that or there’s a curse on the family where the first born’s spouse will suffer an untimely death, meaning DJ’s eldest should hold off on the girls until he can get in touch with a medium or demon hunter…or something.


If you liked Full House or at least watched it or can tolerate Millenial nostalgia, give a few episodes a try. It’s not as bad as you think, it’s not as bad as Full House. Hey, if Fuller House does as well as Girl Meets World, then maybe we’ll get one step closer to my dream of a Family Matters Reunion. Let’s face it, the best non-animated television family of the 90’s were the Winslows.



Secret of Evermore

Have you ever asked yourself if you were a video game character, who would you be?

I have, lots of times, I’ve probably even taken a few quizzes on the matter.

Yeah, no.

Ask yourself that question seriously, out of all the pixelated protagonists out there, who are you? Are you lovable like Pikachu? Overrated cold like Cloud Strife? Or do you meander around like a Sim?
Me, I’d be the main character from Secret of Evermore. What’s Secret of Evermore, you ask? Well, it’s the only American produced game that Squaresoft put out and back in the day it was kind of hated for reasons that don’t make much sense.

Evermore is the story about a kid and their dog getting warped to the land of B-movies and having adventures, which is what I want to have happen to me when I grow up. Because of the flack the game got upon release, it didn’t do too well and it kind of became an obscure title (it didn’t even get a Japanese release.), despite being just as much fun to play as Secret of Mana or Chrono Trigger.

So why pick a character from a game that no one really likes or remembers for that matter? Well, the protagonist is this kid who spends a lot of his time watching bad movies with his dog, most of his dialogue is quotes from these bad movies. Switch the gender or the kid and this is my video game autobiography.

These are a few of the gems from my movie collection. (fun fact: my biggest gripe with Jurassic World was that they had a perfectly good chance to homage the Valley of Gwangi, but didn’t. Doing so would have made a key scene in the movie make loads more sense.) I can quote most of these films, much to the chagrin of my friends and family. I’ve watched every one of these movies with my dog, I’m sure if he could talk he’d be able to quote them too.

Much like the dog in the game, he has a habit of running off and taking us on adventures that don’t seem like adventures at the time.
So if video games and B-movies are your thing and you’ve got a few hours to kill, give Secret of Evermore a chance. It’s by no means an epic game, but like most B fare it sure is fun. You may just find yourself quoting your own favourite movies as you play.

Me, I’m gonna sneak my dog into the next showing of the Lost Adventures of Vexx and see where it takes us.

Nostalgic Reviews – Pokemon 2000: The Power of One

Ever get that sense of nostalgia where you just have to re-experience something you loved as a child? I’ve declared November a month of new beginnings, as there are a lot of big changes going on for me right now. Sometimes when moving forward it’s fun to look back, plus who doesn’t love pulling off the nostalgia goggles from time to time.

Pokémon is one of those things that I ever quite grew out of. I first experienced Pocket Monsters when it first came out and a Japanese exchange student I knew was playing it. I loved the idea, but had no comprehension of how the game worked. When it came out in Canada, I rushed to get copy…even though I hadn’t quite saved up enough for a Gameboy. When I finally did get a Gameboy I was hooked and have been playing Pokémon ever since.


The first episode of the Pokémon animated series I ever watched was Tentacool & Tentacruel, part two of a two part episode where the first part never aired because of fake boobs. I remember thinking  that the show was incredibly stupid, but here’s the thing, it knew it was stupid and that kind of made it charming. Despite the fact that I knew the show wasn’t great, I loved it and would watch it every day after school. It was silly and nonsensical, it had a great theme song and was stupid but cute and for the most part the characters were really likable. Looking back, the show still kind of holds up. It’s still stupid, but fun, which is something I cannot say about the later seasons.


When I first heard about the first Pokémon movie I was stoked, but was ultimately disappointed when I saw it. The best part were the promo cards that came with the tickets, which I still have to this day. Despite my dislike of the first movie, I still looked forward to the second one. I’ll admit, I really liked it and saw it a couple of times in theaters and got it as soon as it came out on VHS. From what I remember, it was the strongest of the Pokémon movies, with the third one coming in as a kind of close second…the fourth and possibly beyond are pretty un-watchable.

Worst Time Travel Movie Ever!

Worst Time Travel Movie Ever!

So let’s look at Pokémon 2000 and see if it holds up past the nostalgia goggles.

Disturb not the harmony of fire, ice or lightning, lest these titans wreak destruction upon the world in which they clash. Though the water’s great guardian shall arise to quell the fighting, alone its song will fail, and thus the earth shall turn to ash. O Chosen One, into thine hands bring together all three. Their treasures combined tame the Beast of the Sea.

So the basic plot of the movie is that Lawrence, collector extraordinaire, needs to collect the legendary Pokémon Lugia for his collection. In order to do this he needs to capture the three legendary birds, Moltres, Zapados and Articuno. In doing so, he disrupts the environmental harmony, unleashing some insane weather all over the world. Meanwhile, Ash Ketchum and friends are stranded on Shamouti Island where Ash is invited to take place in a legend ceremony. He is told that he needs to collect three orbs from Fire, Ice and Lightning Islands and bring them to a central shrine. Ash, being Ash, decides to rush things and heads to Fire Island. Because of Lawrence’s tomfoolery, the prophecy comes to fruition and it’s up to Ash to save the day.


As I mentioned before, back in the day I thought that this was the strongest Pokémon movie. Now saying that Power of One is the best of the Pokémon movies is like saying Puppet Master 3: Toulon’s Revenge is the best of the Puppet Master movies, it doesn’t mean a lot. (Although, now that I think about it there are a lot of similarities between the Puppet Master Series and Pokémon. Both are about little creatures who can do good or evil in their masters hands, with emphasis on collecting them all. Perhaps Puppet Master is a stupid, proto Pokémon. If you combined the two you’d get Puppetmon from Digimon, but I digress). Upon re-watching Power of One, I can safely say that yeah, out of all the Pokémon movies I’ve seen Power of One is the best.


Now don’t get me wrong, it is by no stretch a great movie or even a good one for that matter. It’s an hour and a half commercial for something far more awesome. It is, however, a far better commercial than Battle Ship or Transformers two and on. The plot is predictable,but fun. The animation is poor and suffers from what a lot of animated features from the late 90’s and early 2000’s suffered from and that’s unnecessary use of CG graphics. Nowadays traditional and CG can be blended quite seamlessly, but back then it was jarring, ugly and would really take you out of the film. Disney and Don Bluth couldn’t do this right, Pokémon didn’t have a chance. Now I have read that in the first movie a lot of the CG stuff was added, but I haven’t been able to confirm this for the Power of One.


Despite all of that, it still kind of holds up. I could watch the whole film without having to pause it and it didn’t grate on me that much. It still has that charm that the original series had, where it knew it was bad, but was having fun with it. So here are the things that I think made Power of One a better movie than it should have been.

1. The Story.

Despite the story being predictable, it has a more epic feel than the rest of the movies (at least that I’ve seen). The use of the prophecy is an effective, if not, cliche way to tie things together. It feels like there’s a lot at stake and that it might really be Ash and Pikachu’s biggest adventure.


2. Misty Gets To Do Something.

At this point in the series Misty had essentially been delegated to protector, caretaker and overseer of all things Togepi. There are very few moments in the series after Togepi hatches that Misty would get to do something not related to Togepi. In the film she actually plays a big part, even if a lot of the film involves her denying her crush on Ash. She’s the one that saves Ash and by extension the world. Hell, even Tracy, (who in my opinion is the series most useless character, come on, even Todd got his own video game) got a little something to do.


3. The music is pretty good

The soundtrack from the first movie was largely pop songs…and not great pop songs at that(except the one by Weird Al, cause Weird Al is awesome). The Power of One has a largely instrumental soundtrack and a couple of fun pop songs, including one from the B52’s. Lugia’s theme is strangely haunting and works as an instrumental piece outside of the film.


4. Team Rocket

Jesse, James and Meowth are great, because in the movies they are aware that they’re in the movies. They are constantly breaking the fourth wall and despite their wicked ways, help out as best they can. They don’t have a lot to do, but they provide the comic relief, which balances out the tone of the movie.


So Pokémon 2000: the Power of One isn’t great, but it’s fun. So if you liked the show growing up and you have a high tolerance for late 90’s cheese, it’s worth a re-watch.

Random Collectible Plastic

I’m battling a mix of exhaustion and insomnia. I want nothing more than to sleep, but I keep on thinking of stupid things. So here is some silliness.


This little guy was part of the toy line that got me into collecting random pieces of plastic. They were little babies that came in plastic bags with an article of bright clothing. I remember them being scattered throughout the car on a long road trip, kinda like a scavenger hunt. I was hooked. I remember my favourite being called Little Imp, but it’s been lost for decades. For the life of me I can’t remember what the toy line was called, all I know is that the guy in the photo is #44 so there was a lot of these babies.


I have a huge action figure collection, which is in shambles at the moment due to furniture moving. However, some of my favourites are the randoms. This guy was from Final Fantasy Dissidia, the only one that wasn’t brought over when the randoms were turned into a boxed line when they were brought to North America. I ordered a random box and he popped out, which was pretty cool.


These guys were in coin operated machines a while back, but these ones were given to me by a fellow collector who was trying for a full set. I used to have Daredevil, but he was lost at a former job…he might still be there. I should look into that.


These are kidrobots, an awesome line, but quite expensive. To be fair the place that sells them does allow you to trade if you get a double, assuming the one in the case is one you don’t have. This is good cause I got Mr. Slave three times in a row.


These are the Simpsons Lego minifigs and hopefully the first set of randoms I complete, if that makes any sense. I really like the minifigs and they’re not too expensive. I can’t wait to get Lisa, she’s my favourite.